(G. Saraswathi)Kho-Kho is rising three-dimensionally from each and every corner of the world. To make Kho-Kho the game of choice of every child in coming days is the motto of Kho-Kho. As with every second passed new ideas of development and steps are taking place to channelise the energy of all Kho-Kho well-wishers in the right direction. Recently Arjuna award after a gap of 22 years to Kho-Kho is the news that bring joy to each and every heart which is beating only for Kho-Kho. It’s all due to combining effort of Sh.Sudanshu Mittal (President KKFI), Sh.M.S. Tyagi (Gen.Sec KKFI) and Government of India to promote Indigenous game of India like Kho-Kho.
Sunday Kho-Kho Series is getting overwhelming response all over the globe as this shows that Kho-Kho will beat all games in coming days in popularity and in fame.
Ms.Neha Duggal Columnist caught up with Ms.G. Saraswathi  from Bangalore, Karnataka in a sole conversation as she cast off a glow on Kho-Kho. She is working in the Education department and She gives her vital time to our team. Thanks to Saraswathi for sharing her experiences, suggestions and views.

1. What are your achievements along with details of national tournaments, federation cup and awards?

Answer: Represented Karnataka women team in more than 40 nationals in Sr.Nationals, Women Nationals, Federation Cup, All India, National Games.

10 Gold in Senior Nationals. (1991-2001)

3 Gold in Women Nationals. (1992 Bangalore, 1994 Kerala, 2000 Devnagri)

6 Gold, 1 Silver in Federation Cup.

5 Gold, 2 silver All India Tournament

2 Gold, University Tournaments

Awards :

1.1997 Kerala National, Rani Lakshmi Bhai Award

for best player.

2.2000, Onake Obavva South Zone Award

3.2001, Karnataka State Ekalavya Award 

4.2016 SAG Games Women Coach.

This sport gives me immense pleasure throughout the whole journey.

2. What is your inspiration behind Kho-Kho?


My coach Kalappa Sir and Senior players Veena and Chetna.I inspired through the way they play and guide.

3. What do you feel how Kho-Kho player is different from other game Players?

Answer:  I feel Kho-Kho is the mother of all games. If one can play he/she can play any game with ease of adaptation of skills and also succeed.

4.Any unforgettable memory of the match of which you still remember.


In 2001 that was my last Senior National playing against Punjab in the final match and performed well was my memorable moments.

5. What is your strength in Kho-Kho? 


My Strength is my speed, endurance and skills based on these three of my powerful weapons.I perform well against strong teams.

6. If in a certain important match you get out by the wrong decision.What is your immediate response at that time?

Answer: I used to shout the Referee and then cry.

 7. What is the role of the coach in winning the tournament?


The team performance is in the upward direction because of the only coach.He is a very important person who can decide gold for any team by sharing his skills, knowledge, tactics, control many more. 

8. What’s your strategy and plan against the strong team of the tournament.Tell me in detail.


If the opponent team is very strong then we observe their plus and weak points which helps us to plan our strategy only how to play in the match.
If the opponent team has strong defender then we plan how to catch with our chasers.
We watch each and every match that of the opponent and plan accordingly in a regular manner so that during our match we can use brain + Body to give them defeat.

9. What is your suggestion to improve the standard of the game in boarding and lodging facility during national tournaments?


When there is a cricket match all players are made to stay in a luxurious hotel and receive the best facility for food and water.
But during Kho-kho nationals, players have to stay in govt.school  in an unhygienic manner, no proper rooms for sleeping, no proper food, washrooms etc.
The higher authority first has to improve these things and this is the basic and first Kho-Kho management has to look and improve. 

10. How kho-kho can be popularised according to you?


According to me,

1. Outstanding or International players must provide government jobs so that they can continue with Kho Kho otherwise it’s very difficult for players to be with this as most of the players are jobless in various parts of the country.

2. A number of tournaments must be increased. 

3. Instead of 2 innings with 9 minutes duration. It must be 4 innings with 6 minutes duration to make the match interesting. 

4. Senior players and experience players must be attached to this game so that their skills and experience remain alive otherwise Kho-Kho will leave the interest of skill and tactics.

11. Any message to Kho Kho lovers from your side.

Answer: Players must have dedication and discipline towards the game and also they must respect players and coaches to attain knowledge and love.

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