KhoKho:The Development of Mind

Kho-Kho is one of the unique game in this world which is still hidden from the mass across the globe as it is just like moulted gold which needs to be polished among all. As a result, The game Kho-Kho is replenished with lots of aspects and is able to develop what is required for a complete personality. Kho-Kho is a game of the mind, soul and body. Role of mind is important in every aspect of the game.

You can observe that the nature of mind is to doubt, to solve complex problems and to speak always whereas the nature of the soul is to listen. But due to our ignorance of minds nature. It overpowers the human being and creates unnecessary thoughts that are some times uncontrollable. Here in this article, you can see how a Kho-Kho player mind is controlled and equipped with qualities. Kho-Kho player due to its regular skill practises and fitness programs trained its mind and body in a manner that it generates more focus and stopped unnecessary chattering of thoughts due to hard training each sense, cell, soul, body and mind is totally involved.
Workout, matches, coordination, discipline, punctuality is the reason of the following qualities as described below 


Players learn leadership qualities and encourage themselves and others to do the right things. As a result, they set direction, build an inspiring vision, and organize something new. Leadership is about mapping out where you need to go to “win” as a team. Captain of the team is a true leader who guides their teammates towards victory by better collaboration and understanding.

As you can see in a match teams play just like a rival of each other but after the match, they behave like a friend.

Pressure handling: 
Players learn in every aspect of the game that how to handle pressure and it leads to helping him to expand in life. The tough and breathtaking situation in hard matches creates pressure. As an outcome dealing with strong reaction develops pressure handling skills inside the mind of a player.

Dedication is the part of the player attitude and it is necessary to do devotion towards play. As an effect ,You can see during matches commitment of player towards their skill leads to victory.

It is the result of pure hard work on a regular basis and this is developed with time. Stamina is the need for a good player.

Resistance:Antagonism is the characteristic of Kho-Kho player as it is required in a match to act strong against the opponents in a bold manner with gutsy attitude.

Teamwork means to work collaboratively to produce results.As teamwork is taking all players in a manner.

 Attackers constantly looking for defender points and the perfect Kho is the key to move the scorecard.

Dive is the one of weapon as you can see in Kho-Kho: The real Warfare. The pushing of the body in air through toes and catch the defender is the success of the team.

The shoot is one of the attacks used by an attacker in a kho-kho.As an outcome, the success of shoot depends on many factors like perfect Kho, planning, speed and also it depends on defender intelligence to counter the attack.

You can see dodging is the art to puzzle the player. As a consequence, It is used by both attacker and defender. The attacker used it in the game to break the rhythm of the defender achieve the point and by a defender to counter the attack.

Pole Dive:

You can see Kho-Kho without dive is just like a boxing match without punch. Diving in the air with the help of pole results pole dive. As a finding, This is one of the important skill used in a match with timeless reaction.
As discussed above these qualities are formulated during regular practise. As an outcome training the mind of a player at a certain level which thinks in a positive direction and avoids chattering of thoughts and able to create a powerful base of intellect in a player. The combination of all the above characteristics marks someplace inside the mind of Kho-Kho players that leads to a robust mind to handle real-life in a relaxed manner.

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