KhoKho:The Real Time Management

Kho-Kho is a game that can understand Time management in an easy way. As of the outcome that Kho-Kho is a real-time game in which every nanosecond is important. You can see in a fighting  Kho-Kho match good defenders usually defends for 2-3 minutes.
Kho-Kho is a game in which every second count and as of result it is really very fast and exhibits the value of time to a player. This thing makes the player put all thoughts, senses, body, mind into the game otherwise they can not perform. As a result, Kho-Kho builds a strong athletic body which is totally timed and every muscle of bodywork in a timeless manner.Lots of skills are involved in a game and all are so perfectly clocked to give results otherwise mismatch of every nanosecond of a player action moves the team towards defeat. There are lots of skills in Kho-Kho which needs perfection of timing and relates Kho-Kho with real-time value are
Pole Dive: As pole dive is one of the tough skill that requires immense speed and perfection to get results.Left pole, right pole, sitting pole, one step, two steps, three steps, running pole are all timing-based and shows the matching of time with the action. 

Dive: Throwing the body into the air on toes performs dive. Timing is the key to generate points through dive.
Shoot: The skill of power, speed and a strong will of a player to kill the enemy ( grab a point of defender).One of my favourite skill that really boosts the power and shows the real rivalry attitude in the game.A pure timing-based skill that learns the value of microseconds in life.

Tapping: Stretching and bending forward to touch the defender feet from his back which comes more closer to the attacker as compared to the upper body part. This is based on the complete timing of the action.
Giving Kho: Timing is the key here as perfect kho can change the whole scenario and momentum of the game.
Pole Turn: To maintain the same momentum while chasing the runner and even increase the speed during turning the pole is all based on perfect timing and continuous practice and efforts.
Defensive skill
Chain Kho: 
single, double, 1456,256 are some playing technique for the defender to remain in the game. These all are skill-based that when coordinated with clock and realise the value of every second.
Ring Game: Forming rings is one another defender way to defend the attacker in the game. This is the real-time survival instinct.
Pole settle and Dodging: This is another skill in which defender settled on the pole and also dodge the attacker to change direction. Every skill is time-based that require acute practice and hard work on a continuous basis in a timely manner.
As a result of the above text, Kho-Kho proves to be a game which learns and adapt the behaviour of time management in the personality of a player

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