KKFI Sr.Vice President Ms.Rani Tiwari in an exclusive interview on Kho-Kho

        ( Rani Tiwari Senior Vice President KKFI)
 Kho-Kho The game of Chase and Run demands stamina, energy, agility, endurance is a complete game which covers all the necessary parameters to maintain the fitness of mind and soul. Kho-Kho, the traditional game of India which demands low budget played by almost every Indian in its school time is in running gear to dissipate across the globe. It is flooding across the world as various nations are approaching KKFI, IKKF and AKKF to pursue Kho-Kho.
Moreover, Kho-Kho is prospering across the world with the announcement of Ultimate Kho Kho league during Burman lead Dabur and KKFI agreement and acknowledgement of Kho-Kho in the coming Asian Games and lots of International tournaments and International Coaching Camps by KKFI experts.

Ms.Neha Duggal Columnist caught up with Ms Rani Tiwari Sr.Vice President KKFI in a sole conversation as she cast off a glow on Kho-Kho on Independence Day.

Q1. What are the steps taken by the KKFI to improve Kho-Kho at the grassroots level?

Ans. We as Kho Kho Federation of India (KKFI) are funding the State Federations to develop Kho Kho in their respective states from the grass root levels. Kho Kho is an Indian indigenous game and is played extensively in schools and innermost parts of the county. We have also appointed different officials from the KFFI to monitor the usage of funds and there are no loopholes. 

Q2. What are the steps taken by the KKFI to make the interest of players in this sport as a career?

Ans. As in any walk of life, Money is extremely important to promote and develop any sport.  This was lacking in Kho Kho. But due to the efforts of Mr Sudhanshu Mittal, President KKFI we have been able to generate enough funds which are being utilized directly for the benefit of the players.KKFI is now giving out sufficient prize money for every tournament and also directly funding the players monthly so that they can maintain their livelihood and concentrate on playing. We have been holding national tournaments regularly for all age groups and also organizing camps regularly for international events. This has immensely helped the players in getting jobs under sports quota and also in admission in schools for education under sports quota. 

Q3. Due to pandemic sports activity is abandoned all over the world. What KKFI did to keep the players and Officials active?

Ans. Due to the ensuing COVID 19 Pandemic, multiple numbers of players were stuck in Delhi.  65 Players and coaches from 15 countries, which UK, Nigeria, Korea, Senegal, Mali, Zambia, Nepal, Bhutan, for coaching camp and tournament. The KKFI took care of their extended stay in Delhi due to lockdown. The KKFI also organized online coaching camps to maintain their energy levels during the lockdown. 

 Q4. In a short period of time 3-4 years, Kho-Kho did lots of activities at the national and international level.What is the reason behind this?

Ans.The aim of KKFI is to bring Kho Kho on an international platform and spread all across the globe. The KKFI is in the process of launching the Pro Kho Kho league. It was supposed to begin in September/October however due to the pandemic it has been delayed for some time. This league will generate interest and promote the game internationally through television and other social media channels. 

 Q5. What do you predict in the next 5 years for Kho-Kho?

Ans. Our goal is to reach a minimum of 50 countries worldwide, as it is a very exciting and fast-paced game which does not require any infrastructure. It can be played anywhere outside/inside. We, however, wish to see that majority of the Asian countries start playing this sport and we are able to one day bring this as a competitive sport in the Asian Games. 

 Q6. Any Message to our global viewers on Independence Day.

Ans. Independence and freedom is the birthright of every citizen. However, this also comes with responsibilities. We should understand the value of independence and should contribute any which we can for a free society. 

 Q7. What steps must be taken to make Kho-Kho Federation of India to be the topmost federation of World?

Ans.KKFI being one of the top Federation is a dream which we all are striving for. However,our first goal is to become one of the most transparent and athlete-friendly federations in India. 

 Q8. Is any steps are taken and policy formed from KKFI to improve  state Associations work in the right direction to Promote Kho-Kho at Block Level?Ans. I already answered this. The state Federations are receiving funds which are strictly monitored and KKFI ensures they are used for organizing tournaments, camps and for the benefit of the athletes. 

Q9. How you got associated with Kho-Kho?

Ans. I am associated with the Sporting family for over 2 decades and I am thankful to Mr Rajeev Mehta, Secretary-General of IOA and former President of KKFI for giving me a chance to serve in the Kho Kho family. Over the last three years, KKFI has made immense progress .As a result we have managed to obtain the provision recognition from the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) which is apex Olympic related body in Asia. 

 Q10.The recently Coaching camp was organised at New Delhi and International conference at Jaipur last Year. Will these type of camps and conferences will benefit Kho-Kho and more will be organised in future.

Ans. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, most of the sporting events have been postponed as well as rescheduled and Kho Kho has been no exception.  You will see once this pandemic is over a lot of Kho Kho events all around India ,also probably the Asian Kho Kho Championship.I hope and pray that this pandemic will be over soon. As a result of it, we all will get back to our normal lives sooner than later. 

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