Nepal KhoKho Coach Pushpavathi J.P. in an exclusive interview on KhoKho

Pushpavathi  J. P.(Coach and Former KhoKho player)
Ms.Neha Duggal

Kho-Kho the game of Strategy which involves all human senses to involve completely into the game in order to attain results.This Game which did not get popular earlier due to acceptance of western games just like yoga which was earlier not so popular and hidden like khokho with non awareness of it’s multi benefits in body , mind and soul but now a days Yoga is accepted by western countries and by whole world by knowing it’s benefits.People are eager to learn Yoga and whole world is getting benefits of Yoga .Same is going on with KhoKho as it slowly and slowly  getting it’s pace and spreading across the world and getting popular with every second passed now a days because of its unique and multibenefits for all round development on human mind, body and soul.Originated from the time of Mahabharta as it’s a strategy based game that prepares the player to make yourself strong enough to face the challenges of life in a strong way. The game of Strength, fitness, skillfulness, concentration, will power, moral values, never die spirit, Mental fitness, endurance, discipline is the master of all games. It is proved that Kho-Kho player is capable to play every game because of high fitness level which is the base of every game.Pushpavathi J.P was a Coach of Nepal Women KhoKho Team and former KhoKho player from Karnataka who participated in many tournaments.
Ms.Neha Duggal Columnist caught up with Coach Pushpavathi J.P of Karnataka presently residing in Jammu Kashmir working in Department of Youth, Services and Sports in district Poonch , J&K in a sole conversation as she cast off the flicker on Kho-Kho.

Q1. What inspires you to start khokho at young age?

Ans.In my childhood khokho is played nearby my house .And I started KhoKho and develop an interest in it.

Q2.When you started khokho?

Ans.In the year 1990 in Bhadrawati , Shimoga District , Karnataka.

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Q3. What is your achievements in KhoKho?


1.1990 Subjunior KhoKho Championship, Gold Medal

2.1994,Junior Boys/Girls Kho Kho Championship at Maharashtra , Gold Medal

3.1995Junior Boys/Girls Kho Kho Championship at Goa , Gold Medal

4.2001,Sr.National Kho Kho Championship , Gold Medal

5.2004,Sr. National KhoKho Championship,Gold Medal.

6.Federation Cup 2000,Kolkatta, Gold

7.Federation Cup 2001,Kohlapur, Bronze

8.Played National Games in 2002.

9.Women Nationals Played 5 times and won    2 gold, 1silver, 1bronze medals

10. Award : Ella Award for best player performance.

Q4. As you coach Nepal in recently held SAG games at Nepal .How you trained Nepal Women KhoKho Team.

Ans. I did the training in 3 phases to Nepal’s Women Team in 1st phase we work on complete fitness of players for 1 month2nd phase we work on Game situations, Match experience and we did the All India tour to play with different team’s at different conditions and in 3rd phase we focus the team on tactics and  skills.

Q5.What is the position of your team in SAG games?

Ans Silver Medal

Q6.How you choose a player in your team?

AnsBased on Players speed, endurance.As these two are basic factors for any player to become good player by training and hardwork.

Q7.If your team needs one point to win the match and only 1 minute is left .What you suggest to your team?

Ans.I will direct the team to find the weak player and try to catch him only by avoiding surprise attack.

Q8. What difference you saw in KhoKho in Mud and Mat?

Ans.Earlier KhoKho is totally on mud ground lots of skill are seen that time .Once in Federation Cup 2000 khokho was played in wooden floor but it was not successful and then mats are introduced which is a revolutionary change in KhoKho as some skills are missing but mat is the need for khokho for international acceptance of game.

Q9.What changes you see in khokho from 1990’s to 2020?

Ans.Lots of changes are seen in Todays KhoKho and previous KhoKho .As now  khokho is missing its some skills,Like ring game is rarely used by players, Less surprise attacks are seen due to the speed of the game, Game outside chain is very limited .Diagonal attack is rare these days , KhoKho is limited to fakes and pole dives.Today khokho is totally on speed and more frequent changes in the game by attackers and also time of defender is reduced by 2-3 minutes.

Q10.What is your strength in KhoKho?

Ans. As I am defender .My strength is definitely Defending.

Q11.Any suggestions to lift KhoKho?

Ans. Pick sub Jr players and  train them. increase local competition, tournaments, job opportunity, admission opportunity in school, colleges, and professional colleges.Club system must be implemented and more training centres are needed for betterment of kho kho.Good association management and good human beings are also needed for betterment of KhoKho and the step your team has taken to popularise through your blog which is a type of digitalize revolution for KhoKho and big step for khokho betterment.

Q12. What difference you saw in today’s player and players in 1990s in behaviour, discipline?

Ans.Players are same, difference is in training, and their trainer. If the trainer is professional and impart their training with proffesional ethics then players always plays and behaves in discipline,may be that in 90’s or 2020.

Q13.What is ur strategy when u have to attack in last part of the game. You need to take 3 points in last 1min.

Ans. It is difficult against good team to secure 3 points in one minute but strategically to chase weak defender of the batch first by increasing the speed of chasing with clubbing the defenders so that the pressure is also developed on defenders.

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