Railway KhoKho Coach Amit Navale Man behind Gold for Railways in 53rd Senior National KhoKho Championship 2019-20

Amit Nawale (Indian Railway Coach, Former KhoKho Player)

Ms.Neha Duggal

Kho-Kho the game which started its journey from the soil of India gives birth to players who not barely play the game but develop vitality, fitness, agility, belief, concentration, will power, moral values, never die spirit, Mental fitness, endurance, discipline and more. These qualities are the complete solution for an internal as well as external growth of human being. Due to all-round features and skills of a game, this is the reason that Kho-Kho players are multi-talented and are capable to cope with any type of environment and ready to memorize new things in life.Amit Navale is a Coach of Indian Railways Kho-Kho team who is the man behind gold for Railways in 53rd Senior National  Kho-Kho Championship at Chattisgarh.
Ms.Neha Duggal Columnist caught up with Coach of Indian Railway  in a sole conversation as he cast off the flash on Kho-Kho.

Q1.When you Started Kho-Kho?

Ans. 1992

Q2. How many Seniors, Juniors, Federation cup you played in Your Kho-Kho Career?

Ans.Senior Nationals 8

        Junior Nationals 5

        Federation Cup   4

Q3.From which club you played Kho-Kho?


        JayHind Club, Ichalkaranji, Kohlapur.

Q4.What are your achievements?


Senior National Championship 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize
Rest of time Best Eight
Federation cup 1st and 2nd Position
All India University two time Best player

Q5.What do you get from Kho-Kho?


I get name, recognition as Kho-Kho is very popular in our state and now in the world. Finally, I got a job in Railways on the basis of KhoKho, that is most important for every player.

Q6. As you started your journey since 1992 what major changes you have discerned in the development of Kho-Kho?

Ans.When I started Kho-Kho very few people know about this game. Now Kho-Kho is in heart, brain and in the voice of people, People are crazy about khoKho.

There were lots of skills in Kho-Kho during the 1990s -2000s and it’s different because of lots of tournament at that time. Similar to cricket which is drastically changed, the same with Kho-Kho.Nowadays the player focuses more on fitness this is the reason for more injuries. Now the facility to sportsman is big and also prize money is large as compared to previous Kho-Kho.

Q7. What are your views about Ultimate Kho-Kho?

Ans. It will definitely inspire players to play more Kho-Kho and UKKL is different from normal Kho-Kho in order to create thrill and interest in Game by audiences.

Q8.Railway won the Gold in men Category by defeating Maharashtra in 53rd Senior National Championship at Chattisgarh as you Coach Railways. What is your strategy to snatch the Gold from the hands of Maharashtra?


 Actually, we did a lot of work to visualise each and every player of Maharashtra and also find out their weaknesses and plan accordingly.Our plan works and we get the result.

Q9.What is the routine workout of Railway Players before Senior Nationals?


We have 10-days fitness and 10 days for player game practise and their weaknesses and their individual work out.

    Ms.Neha Duggal (Featured Columnist) India

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Voice of International Player(Pankaj Malhotra)India.

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