Senegal KhoKho Coach Ms.Awa Fall

Senegal  Kho-Kho Coach Ms.Awa Fall shares his views on Kho Kho.

Ms.Awa Fall (Kho-Kho Coach Senegal)

Ms.Kanika Soni

Kho-Kho The game of Chase and Run demands stamina, energy, agility, endurance is a complete game which covers all the necessary parameters to maintain the fitness of mind and soul. Kho-Kho, the traditional game of India which demands low budget played by almost every Indian in its school time is in running gear to dissipate across the globe. It is flooding across the world as various nations are approaching KKFI, IKKF and AKKF to pursue Kho-Kho.
Awa Fall is a Senegal Coach of Kho-Kho who recently attended the International Coaching Camp organised by KKFI, AKKF, IKKF who is working with high spirit to popularise Kho-Kho in Senegal.

Moreover, Kho-Kho is prospering across the world with the announcement of Ultimate Kho Kho league during Burman lead Dabur and KKFI agreement and acknowledgement of Kho-Kho in the coming Asian Games and lots of International tournaments and International Coaching Camps by KKFI experts.

Ms.Kanika Soni Columnist caught up with Senegal Coach in a sole conversation as she cast off a glow on Kho-Kho in Senegal.

Q1.What are your plans for Kho-Kho?

Ans. The Kho Kho development plan in Senegal will be available on 2 phase. The first phase in training basic athletes. With these basic athletes, we are going to make exhibitions to make the game known to the Senegalese people and youth. We will then develop the game towards the school environment, organize a national championship and organize an inter-school championship. After the development asks the Senegalese Ministry of Sports for a federation of Kho Kho.
Q2. How players are showing interest in Kho-Kho in Senegal?Ans The game is very popular with young people who like thrills and go to the end of their limits.
Q3.How was your experience in International Coaching camp?
Ans. It was a very beneficial experience that allowed us to change with a nation that has a game that can become a popular sport in Senegal.

Q4.Name the Coach who participates from Senegal in International Coaching Camp held at New Delhi in March 2020 other than you.

Coach Yoro Diop along with KKFI Gen.Sec.M.S.Tyagi

Q5.What you feel How players of Senegal is better in adapting Kho-Kho than other games.
Ans. It will be the combine effort and presentation of Kho-Kho by our team among young people so that the Senegalese love kho kho more than other sports.

Q6. What message do you want to give to all Kho-Kho lovers across the world?
Ans. The message I can give to the world Kho Kho is a game of techniques, flexibility, endurance and strategies soon it will be a popular game in Africa and in the world.
Yes, Kho-Kho is a popular game invented in India. It is played by many countries but to us, we want to make it better in the world and be recognized by another country that we can perfect it like it’s our own game and that is what passion we have in it.

Q7.Tell me about Kho-Kho in Senegal?

Ans. Kho-Kho as it is a game that is easy to set infrastructure wise as well as a pure fitness game. This is positive for Senegal people to adapt it in the easiest way. Due to Covid-19 pandemics schools are closed in Senegal and I am also stuck in India and we are looking to form new clubs and introduce in schools after I reached there in July – August.
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Q8.Do you want to give any message to KKFI?

Ans. I would say thank you to KKFI for all the efforts they have made for the development of KHO KHO in AFRICA they have all spent accommodation, technical and theoretical training, internal transport, outfits, shoes and at the time of this pandemic they have put in place all the needs to protect us until our returns thank you.

.                        Ms.Kanika Soni(Columnist)

Coordinated by
Pankaj Malhotra( India)(Voice of International Player)

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