Sunday Special with Indian Railways KhoKho player Yogesh Prakash More

Yogesh Prakash More(Defender From Indian Railways)

Ms.Kanika Soni

Kho-Kho the game which demands explosiveness is the reason that players from across the world are eager to join this game. Originated from the time of Mahabharta as it’s a strategy based game that prepares the player to make yourself strong enough to face the challenges of life in a strong way. The game of Strength, fitness, agility,  concentration, will power, moral values, never die spirit, Mental fitness, endurance, discipline is the master of all games. It is proved that Kho-Kho player is capable to play every game because of high fitness level which is the base of every game.Yogesh Prakash More is a Senior Player of Indian Railways who participated in many tournaments.
Ms.Kanika Soni Columnist caught up with Player of Indian Railway in a sole conversation as he cast off the flicker on Kho-Kho.
Q1.What inspires you to start Kho-Kho at a young age?
Ans. When I was in school, Kho-Kho was played everywhere and I saw my Senior Amit Nawale, He was a good player, I inspired by his game. These things inspire me to play Kho-Kho.

Q2. What major differences do you saw in Kho kho from the last 10-20 years?

Ans. Earlier Kho-Kho was known for different skills and lots of skills were seen in the game. Mostly attacker drags the defender toward the s the pole and with different skills and creates a point. Now, Lots of skills are hidden in the game and no doubt speed the of the game is increased, the attacker runs towards defender continuously that’s force attacker to demand replacement inside the game in a continuous manner. Also, skills remain among very few players.
Q8.What are your achievements?


1.Gold in SAG -2016.2.Asian Kho-Kho Championship Gold -2016.3.Senior National Kho-Kho Championship Winner 4 times.4.Federation Cup winner – 2 times.5.Ekalavya Award -2012.
Q3.What is your strength in Kho-Kho?
Ans. I am a defender and I always play in the first batch against every team.
Q4.When you get retired from this Kho-Kho.How can you still remain in touch with this game or leave it?
Ans. When I will retire I will in touch this game by watching the match of my team wherever it is  . Where ever I live I will share my experience and guide them to nurture the talent.
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Q5.How can you teach new players with your experience?

Ans.As I am a defender. I will guide to players with tacts and techniques of Kho-Kho by telling them to concentrate on personal practice. Mostly morning time is best for practice. Shadow battig, skipping, pushup, daily practise, watch the skills of old players through videos and practise them, Take a healthy diet, good water intake. One day definitely people will know you.
Q6.As Kho-Kho is played the in mat as well as in mud. What difference you feel in play between mat and mud.

Ans. In mud, Khokho gives me more pleasure. As in mud more skills can be performed as compared to the mat. In mat more force is applied in the game. But at International level Mat is compulsory.So it is necessary to practise on mats to compete at international level and There are types of mats available in the market but still research on proper KhoKho mats are going on.
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Ans. Yes it’s a correct decision for KhoKho. As these changes in rules and roles are suggested by the senior player, technical officials, coaches. Just like Kabbadi there are continuous changing in game rules as the league progresses same is the case with Kho-Kho in coming times.

.                        Ms.Kanika Soni(Columnist)

Coordinated by
Pankaj Malhotra( India)(Voice of International Player)

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