The Kho-Kho Icon Narendar Shah who deserves Arjuna

(Kho-Kho Icon Mr.Narendar Shah)The man who deserves Arjuna award for his meritious performance and dominance in the game of Kho-Kho.He is a man with strong faith and confidence in the game of Kho-Kho that never misses a player when a defender reaches pole.He is now 55 and still challenging player across world to get them out near pole and also give one minute as a defender against best team of world.He did 10000 Skipping on daily basis and never misses ground .Now he is doing 5000 skipping and fitness is his priority.

Q1. What inspires you to Start Kho-Kho?

Ans. My family loves sports. My father was a wrestler as well as a Kabaddi player and my sister also play Kho-Kho. She played Nationals 3 times. These things put my interest in Sports.

Q2. What are your achievements?


1.Junior National Championship – 1G , 1P 

2.National Championship -3G, 3P

3.Interuniversity – 1G,1P

4.West Zone Championship – 3G, 3P

5.Sr.National Championships – 10G, 10P

6.Federation Cup- 2G, 2P

7.National Games- 2G 1S, 3P

8.SAG – 1G, 1P

9.Asian KhoKho Championship – 2G,2P


1.Ahilya Award
2.Eklavya Award
3.Shivachatarpati Award

Q3. What’s your fitness secret.

Ans.Two hours in the morning and three hours in the evening. I usually do 10,000 Skipping per day when I play Kho-Kho. Now I do 5000 skippings per day at the age of 55.

Q4.You are a deserving man who does not get Arjuna Award?

Ans. Yes, I think so but I believe I got more than Arjuna Award in Kho-Kho as people around the globe know me that’s sufficient for me.

Q5. I heard that your target in the match is the best player of another team?

Ans. Yes of course I always attack the strong player of other team and also play against the toughest player. Just like when you hit 6 to Bumrah like bowler to dominate the best bowling attack and same is my case I play with an attitude to play against best.This is my attitude.

Q6. Who is your coach and how he trained You?

Ans. Ashok Dhainje was my coach. He trained me on daily basis with 100 dives and 10000 skippings per day. Individual work out and on a regular basis. I am filled with injuries during practice and become strong each and every day

Q7. What is your club name and any special moment and prize from the club.

(State Award from C.M. Maharashtra Sh. Manohar Joshi)Ans.Ramanbag Mandal of Pune. I got prize for 8  consecutive years for attending the ground on a daily basis.

Q8. How players, you select or recommend as you are the top player of your Team from Maharashtra?

Ans. I told Maharashtra Kho-Kho Association I need a good player in our team if you want gold. Look for players not the team who won.I always inspire my juniors to play and give them the confidence to play. I told them to play bravely I am behind you to back up the team.

Q9. When you play 1st senior your age was 26 whereas Mr.Srirang Inamdar KhoKho player of Maharashtra retired at 26 . Is it true?

Ans. Yes, Of course, I play 1st Senior National at 26 and won 11 gold medals in 11 nationals and retire at Baramati at the age of 42 years.

Q10. When you get out in the match.Whats in your mind regarding umpire decision or anything else?

Ans. I always focus on my mistakes when I get out .Never think about umpire decision.

Q11. Whats your aim when you play Kho-Kho Match?

Ans.I play with one aim to win and put all efforts into the game and achieve success.I never play for results and never have any type of ego.Just like Mahinder Singh Dhoni Former India Cricket Team captain who has confidence of win till last ball of match, same with me.

Q12. Most players choose you as your icon player .Can you share some moment?

Ans.Yes , R .Velan was also a very good dodger at time .As I remember during some match ,one national player from Kohlapur ask R.Velan that they want to become player like Velan but R.Velan replied you must follow my icon who is called Dad of Kho-Kho (Narendar Shah).

Q13. What is your age? Are you still touch with the game.

Ans.I am 55.,Yes I daily do fitness practises.Yes I daily visit my club and trained youngsters.

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