Tribute to Late Sh.M.K.Sathya Kumar (Chief Coach SAI).

Tribute to late Sh. M.K. Sathya Kumar who worked in Sports Authority of India as a Chief Coach of Kabbadi and Kho-Kho and trained more than 300 coaches worldwide is not among us today as he left this world on 12 November 2020 with his everlasting memories and experiences.

As it is the real truth of life that experience remains with us forever even after leaving this body.

This man was a great example of dedication, sincerity, hard work and perfection. As he was not only produced world-class coaches but even trained them to live with the honesty, discipline and sincerity.

He was a father of two girls namely M.S.Ashwini and M.S.Tejashwini and husband of Ms. H.S Gayathri. It was a very shocking moment everywhere that the legend of Kabbadi Kho-Kho left us. This man was a true example of honesty which is the necessity of world and he set the example among many about his strong character and honesty.

This noble soul was born on 18th May 1966 in Mysore, the place where historians were born. He proved that he was not an ordinary man but a Historian of Kho-Kho. The whole world and coming generations of Kho-Kho will always remember his contribution to lifting the most disciplined game of the world that is Kho-Kho.
He was a very modest man, extremely focused and dedicated towards his work.

Late Sh. M.K Sathya with his Family
He did his B.Com from the University of Mysore in 1986, B.Ped, M.Ped from the University of Mysore in 1987-1988 and NIS diploma from SAI, NSWC, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat in 1989-90.He appointed in NIS SAI Western Centre Gujarat to work as academician teacher in 1992.More detailed information about his Job profile you can see below

 We interacted with their students to know about him all replied with one answer that he was a man of honesty, discipline and professionalism. His absence in the family of world Kho-Kho is never filled but his everlasting experiences will remain forever with all of us.

His achievements in Sports were good as he represented Karnataka and Mysore University and performed very well through his career.

As a coach, he even trained Srilankan players and made them capable of achieving medal at International tournaments (Asian Kho-Kho Championship) 1996. His achievements as a coach are given below:

As we can’t go away from the truth of life that one day every soul has to leave this body whether he is a king or a poor but the things that go with us is the true service, good work, to help the needful that assists our soul to live with peace whether it lives in this body or some other form of the body.

Writing for this noble soul in this Diwali Night is just giving me a feeling that he is sitting close to me and smiling. Its difficult for me to express the feelings of mine when I am writing for this respectful man through my pen to World Kho-Kho lovers.
Shrandhanjali to Late Sh. M.K Sathya Kumar from our team and World Kho-Kho Family.

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