Uttarakhand National Coach Sangeeta Bhat share her views on KhoKho

Uttarakhand Kho-Kho Coach Sangeeta Bhatt relieved her views on Kho-Kho.

Ms.Kanika Soni

Kho Kho originated from the time of Mahabharta known as rathera. It is a strategy based game and involves the complete and quick response of all sensory organs of the human body to perform it at the best level. As Kho-Kho is appreciated in India as well as by other countries too due to its explosiveness. Now, other nations of the world are approaching IKKF, AKKF and KKFI to introduce this type of Game in their countries with the demand to train their players and coaches as recently in New Delhi an International coaching camp successfully conducted by Gen.Sec.(KKFI)Sh.M.S.Tyagi , Chief Coach of India & (Treasurer KKFI )S.B.S.Tirthi, Mr.Brij Haldania (IKKF)and their team is a great example of it.
Players of Kho-Kho are so serendipitous as they
choose this game as a career due to the enormous qualities of Kho Kho and helps them in future to develop themselves as a complete personality.

As Sangeeta Bhatt is one of the coaches who accompanied Uttarakhand team took part in Sr.Nationals Championship at Chattisgarh 2019-20.

Moreover, Kho-Kho is sprouting across the world with the proclamation of Ultimate Kho Kho league and endorsement in the next Asian Games unlocks the door for other nations to learn and outshine in this game.

Ms.Kanika Soni Columnist caught up with Uttarakhand Coach Ms.Sangeeta Bhatt in an exclusive conversation as she castoff gleam on Kho-Kho in Uttarakhand.

Q1.When you started Kho-Kho?
Ans. As a player, I participated in the first National in 2002. I have been a good Kho Kho player in my playing time and I have 9 national achievements.
As a coach, I joined Uttarakhand in 2019.

Q2.Why you choose Kho-Kho?

Ans. I have also been a runner during my student days.l participated in many races like.100, 200 & 400× 100 relays and also achieved much success at the State and University level. In 2000, when l was a class 6 student my talent was noticed by my school sports teacher and encouraged me to move forward and seeing this talent, she selected me as the runner in the kho- kho team and thus l entered this game. I never looked back after that made his talent, sports love and passion a part of his life. There were so much love and passion the sports that despite the lack of ground in the school. I continued to practice regularly in a small stone-filled ground in the school regardless of injury and from 2002 to 2006 my school and district got first place in kho-kho & Due to this talent also represented his state (9) times in National level competitions. Kho-kho is not just a game for me this is My love & no one wants to lose love💛… It acts like blood in my body.

Q3 Define Kho-Kho in one word.

Ans Energy Game.

Q4 Are this game played in schools?

Ans Yes in schools, this game is so common and this game does not demand any extra or costly equipment.

Q5.What is the scope of Kho-Kho in Uttarakhand?

Ans. Kho-Kho has not disseminated all districts of Uttarakhand. But we are working to activate all by conducting some local level tournaments. Abundances of confidence are seen among youth in the last 2-3 years as this game is thriving all over the world and due to lots of health benefits and overall character development of this sport.

Q6.How many districts of Uttarakhand are actively participated?
Ans.Dehradun, Bageshwar, puri, Haridwar, Nainital.

Q7. What are you doing to improve Kho-Kho in Uttarakhand?
Ans.As we are approaching different blocks and districts through tournaments in order to create interest and awareness to the public.

Q8.How you trained Khokho players and motivate them?
Ans.As I played this game and I know better about the benefits of it. So, I  motivate youngsters to opt it because of its ample benefits in their life too. First players are doing running, marathon type activities to develop stamina and power and after that skills practise are given to them and later on match practises. During the last 3-4 years, KKFI is so active and it is doing a tremendous job at international level too this is a good sign and it helps more players to opt it.

            Columnist Ms.Kanika Soni(India)

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