Velan. R India’s Best Dodger of Kho-Kho in an exclusive interview

                (Velan .R former Kho-Kho Player)

 Kho-Kho is getting good response all across the world and the reason is there are many players, officials, members etc.who have a love for this game and they are working hard day and night to add flavours in Kho-Kho. The Game Kho-Kho is, however, Indian origin game. As India is going to become a superpower in coming years and the culture, art, crafts, sports etc. is going to be famous across the globe and No doubt the indigenous games of India like Kho-Kho will get a rise in popularity and movement of the graph of Kho-Kho is rising with every second passed. 
Velan .R is a former Kho-Kho player from Karnataka who participated in many tournaments.
Ms.Neha Duggal Columnist caught up with Velan .R of Karnataka presently residing in Bangalore working in Police Department in Karnataka in a sole conversation as he cast off the glint on Kho-Kho.

Q1. What inspires you to start Kho-Kho?
Ans. As I saw Kho-Kho in summer coaching it was skilful game and very attractive.

Q2. What difference do you saw in old Kho-Kho and today’s Kho-Kho?

Ans. Today Khokho is totally speed based and only a few basic skills are used but at that when we played it was very skilful and speedy .we used to implement new skills in each and every tournament.

Q3. What is your achievement in Kho-Kho?

1.Sub-junior National 2 times gold medal.

2.Junior National 2 times gold medal.

3.Senior National Championship 14 times silver and one time gold.

4.Gold medal in 2nd Asia Kho-Kho Championship at Dhaka in 2000.

5.Gold Medal in 2nd Netaji Subash Gold Cup Hyderabad in 1999.

6.Veer Abhimanyu Award in 19 Junior National Championship at Warrangal.

7.Veer Madakari Nayak Award in 15th Senior South Zone Championship

8.Ekalvya Award in 2001.

Q4. When you started Kho-Kho?

Ans. I started Kho-Kho in 1992-93 and played till 2009 and was appointed in Karnataka Police in 2000.

Q5. What is your strength in Kho-Kho?

Ans. I am an allrounder and specialist in Dodging.

Q6. What you plan and your strategy in Final Matches?
Ans. Simple Cool and calm in fighting matches to boost performance.

Q7. During the last two minutes of a match if you are defending alone. How you play and what’s in your mind if other team needs one point to draw the match.

Ans. In this situation, I love to play because I am a situation player and make the chase slow and play cool.

Q8. If in some Final Match of major Tournament host team is facing your team in final. What’s your strategy as there are some chances of favouritism?

Ans. First thing playing final against host team will be great because it will be a good fight match. I prepare my team to play against team plus an official table. I suggest all my players to never lose the tempo and remain cool throughout the match.As a coach, Recently I took sub-junior Girls Kho-Kho Team at Ranchi, Situation is similar our team secured the bronze medal.

Q9. Any suggestions to lift KhoKho?

Ans. To lift Kho-Kho, Good tournaments must be performed covering all rural and city areas of countries. Players must be encouraged and state that is organising the tournament must not misuse the funds for their own welfare but for players and officials. Proper boarding and Lodging must be given to players with all the necessary benefits. There is a proper inspection of all these facilities by some expert team then Kho-Kho is encouraged and praised everywhere.

Q10. Any message to global Kho-Kho lovers.
Ans. Just love kho-kho and play kho-kho.

Q11.In day to day life, What you feel is Kho-Kho helpful to remain active in life and fulfilling your life responsibilities.
Ans. Going to ground itself keeps us active, playing kho kho keeps our mind and soul with comfort and active throughout the day.

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